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RAF Pilot's Notes : Meteor 7


Code: P20256

A.P. 2210G. Original copy dated 11/49. 41 pages with pullout diagrams/photos. Covers a general description of the aircraft including fuel and oil systems; aircraft controls; engine controls; other controls including canopy operation, cockpit heating and radio equipment etc; Part II deals with handling, part III - Limitations, Part IV Emergencies - engine failures, canopy jettisoning, crash landings, ditching etc. Part V has illustrations of the cockpit.  The cover is grubby and dog-eared/creased. Named to F/O Booth & F/O Burley.   Internal pages are also a bit grubby and have quite a few amendment sheets glued in place (amended to September 1951). Reasonable/well used condition. Stock code P20256.