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RAF MK.IIIA Flying Goggles


Code: G19239

Stores Ref. 22c/62. One of the classic 'Battle of Britain' pattern goggles. The frame is in very good to excellent condition with little rubbing, even on exposed surfaces. All of the frame screws are original as are the vent 'horns' and both frame 'stops'. The velvet backing is lovely and clean and the internal padding remains pliable. The lenses have relatively light even scratches/scuffing and are in very good overall condition. The strap springs are all complete/undamaged and the leather strap section is equally good with clear A.M. marks and stamped with a 1936 date code.  This pair belonged to  Wing Commander Noel 'Ted' Edwards.  Born to a New Zealand father and Australian mother he flew as a Sunderland pilot with 10 Squadron and later worked as a navigational instructor at Northolt. What service details we have will be supplied along with some copied photos and obituary.   Excellent used goggles. Stock code G19239.