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RAF 1933 Pattern Flying Gauntlets


Code: GA18145

Gauntlets, Flying, 1933 Pattern.  Stores reference 22c/264/269. Size 8/8.5. By Frank Bryan Ltd. of London.  The leather is in excellent clean and supple condition showing only light use and wear.  There is minor abrasion on the cuff of the left gauntlet but no serious faults. The colour match is not perfect - the left being lighter and of more two-tone appearance.  Unusually, both have woven manufacturer's labels and one also has a South African WD stamp and 1940 date.  Although one  is marked as an '8' and the other as '81/2'  they have clearly been worn as a pair and are named to the same owner/s.  Very good matching brass zips - both complete with leather pull tabs.  A nice pair of these Battle of Britain period gloves. Stock code GA18154.