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RAF 1933 Pattern Flying Gauntlets


Code: GA20580

Gauntlets, Flying, 1933 Pattern.  Stores reference 22c/269. Size 8.5.  The leather is in excellent clean and supple condition showing only light use and wear.  There is minor abrasion on the backs of the fingers/thumbs and some mildew marks.  These will almost certainly clean off with the application of a light leather dressing. The colour match is very good but as usual, not perfect.  Unusually these have matched contract numbers and are therefore a 'true' pair.  Air Ministry King's crown and 1940 dates in each glove along with the original owner's name/number.  Both zips have some soft verdigris deposits but these can be cleaned off with methylated spirits.  Very good matching brass 'Lightning' zips - both complete with leather pull tabs.  A nice pair of these Battle of Britain period gloves. Stock code GA20580.