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USAAF Aviator's Parachute Bag


Code: M21034


W: 57cm (22.4")H: 48cm (18.9")D: 33cm (13")

Aviator's Kit Bag, AN6505-1.  Approximately 57 x 48 x 33cm. Olive drab duck canvas bag with webbing handles and twin zip fasteners used for carrying parachutes, clothing and kit etc.  The canvas is in very good overall condition bar relatively light soiling and a few small holes (none serious - see photos).  One of the 'Crown' zips is in good working order, the other is generally OK but the last 6cm of the tape has been stitched over due to damage - see photos).  Good strong handles.  Nice clear markings.  A good useable bag.  Stock code M21034.