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RAF MK.VII Flying Goggles & Anti-Glare Shield


Code: G20490

Stores Ref. 22c/827. The frame is generally in very good condition with only minor paint loss/chipping.   The leather surround is quite good and the backing chamois has fairly light soiling and rubbing.  However, the internal padding has largely disintegrated and/or hardened leaving the backing rather flat.  Good nosepiece leather. The clear lenses look good but do have delamination marking.  The webbing strap is faded and lacks elastication but the metal componants are  free of rust and verdigris.  

These also comes with the extremely rare and sought after perspex 'flipshield', or more correctly, 'Screen, anti-glare', stores ref. 22c/836. This has minor scuffs/scratches and the metal attachment clip has surface corrosion.   A good pair of goggles suitable for RAF & AAF displays.  Stock code G20490.