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RAF Type E* Oxygen Mask/Tube


Code: O21536

Stores Ref. 6D/473.  This is the later pattern variant of the E-mask complete with anti-suffocation/inspiratory valve and having an elasticated webbing harness in place of the earlier leather types.  The rubber is in very good condition with only minor signs of crazing.  The majority of the mask edges are complete, the overall shape is very good and the rubber remains extremely pliable.  Air Ministry contract markings are evident in the facepiece moulding. The chamois inner edging is complete and reasonably clean.  The conical tube at the base of the facepiece remains in place and is also in excellent condition, complete with alloy pipe/valve within. The webbing harness is complete and retains some colour but it lacks elasticity  The the three press studs all have the original finish.  Fitted with a type 48 microphone assembly (type 26 mic 10A/12570 and short loom/plug) and anti-freeze inner gauze plate - all in excellent condition.  Also fitted with the correct early pattern oxygen tube with cadmium plated clip and MK.IV brass bayonet connector/cadmium plated crocodile clothing clip.  Please note that this mask is guaranteed to be 100% original and should not be confused with the 'hybrid' masks that have been offered elsewhere in recent years. Those  have original metalwork and harnesses but brand new/reproduction rubber facepieces and linings.  They are often fitted with incorrect later broader oxygen hoses too.  A very good '+' example of this type of mask.  Stock code O21536.