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Luftwaffe Schwimmweste, Type 10-30 B-2


Code: MW21373

FL30154-2. Manufactured by BVN (Flügel & Polter K-G, Leipzig, Germany).  Later war example of the 10-30 B schwimmweste with plastic fittings on the inflation tube and CO2 bottle mounting point.  The rubberized canvas is in very good overall condition.  It remains flexible and is clean with good even colour.  The front straps/rings are present  though the latter have surface corrosion.  The waist belt is partially replaced using original webbing and the rear strap has been shortened, forming a loop through which the waist belt passes (see photographs). Complete with a very good oral inflation tube/valve and CO2 bottle, FL30153-1, which is dated 1-44.  This example has the reference number and manufacturer's details printed directly to the canvas. Indistinctly named in ink to the rear of the collar.  A good used example and an excellent display piece.  This one is a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than the last example we sold due to the modifed rear strap/belt.  Stock code MW21373.