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RAF 1939 Pattern Flying Boots


Code: B19730

Boots, Flying, Knee, 1939 Pattern. Stores Reference. 22c/229.  Size 9 (approximate). Classic Battle of Britain boots identical in pattern to the earlier 1936 pattern but with vulcanized canvas uppers.  The leather shoe section is in good condition with just a few nicks, cuts and wear and tear. The canvas uppers are also in good condition but have been dyed black.  This appears to have been a fairly common post-war modification.  The original green colour can be seen and it may be possible to clean them up or even re-dye in green. This pair is fitted with the earlier canvas top strap rather than the black leather version - one of these lacks the metal end tip and is fraying, the other is very good.  The linings appear to be very good with no apparant moulting or moth damage.  No insoles fitted. The original soles are worn but undamaged. One heel requires attention but this would be an easy task for a competent cobbler.  The inner boots pulls have had the leather Air Ministry marked tabs removed.  Stitch marks can be seen where these have been unpicked. Despite the issues this is still a decent used pair of these rare early boots and they are priced accordingly. If not dyed black and with A.M. marked tags these would be double the price. Stock code B19730.