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Air Ministry message dropping bag


Code: M20254

'Apparatus, Aeroplane Message MK.III, Bags'.  Production sample of an aerial message bag comprised of a small linen pouch with brass buttons fastening inside and at the outer flap.  The bag is approximately 13 x 9.5cm, crown stamped and maked 'Marple 1940'. It is joined to a 30' long rope lanyard.  The attached 'Sample' label is rather worn/faded but it would appear that this sample varied significantly from the desired working pattern, essentially being too small. This attested to in handwritten notes on another paper label.  Later inspection dates to 1962.  Although an unused sample, this has storage wear/soiling.  Production models would have been used to drop messages from aircraft in much the same way as the RFC did during WW1.  Unusual/unique one-of a kind item.  Stock code M20254.