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USAAF / USAF seat type parachute assembly


Code: S21140

By the Irving Air Chute Company Inc. Consists of the full harness, backpad, seat pack with bungees, canopy with drogue, seat cushion and ripcord assembly. This assembly appears to be part post WW2 and part wartime.  The harness webbing is in a tan coloured nylon (?) and generally in very good used condition bar one small section of the back strap that is partially severed / frayed (see photograph). Although this colour of harness would suggest post WW2 it has the pre-war / earlier type of clips (dog-lead style) rather than the later Q/R box type. The clips are chromed rather than the usual cadmium plated finish and have some surface corrosion. It has a nice 'Irvin' label on one of the front straps.  The backpad is in good condition bar light soiling. The pack, also by Irvin, is a standard wartime AN6510 (part number 42N2004-1) and although a bit grubby and faded is in good condition with what appears to be a faint 1943 date and serial number. It contains a correctly packed white canopy that is complete with the rigging lines and drogue parachute canopy (not removed/date checked - rip cord pins still lead-sealed). Fitted with a seat cushion in very good condition. The assembly is complete with the correct ripcord/handle and housing and the pack has original bungees.  This is an impressive display piece in good original condition. Further photos available on request.  Stock code M21140.