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RAF type D oxygen mask hose


Code: O16062

Original length of black rubber oxygen tube as used with the type D oxygen mask from 1941 onwards.  Marked with yellow bands to denote oxygen use.  Earlier types were covered in braided/woven cloth to help insulate against freezing at altitude.  This example was manufactured using an improved rubber compound developed to be more resistant to freezing thus aleviating the need for any covering.  The tube is full length but semi coiled / twisted and hardened with suface and deeper cracking.   That said it is possible to gently move and partially uncoil the tube athough it remains quite fragile.  The last photograph shows the tube partially uncoiled.  It would have gone further but then been difficult to photograph. Not in the greatest condition but It is extremely rare to find any oxygen tubing for the type D masks.  Stock code O16062.