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RAF Combined patt. flying suit, observer


Code: S22061

Extremely scarce 'Observer' pattern of the combined flying suit. Manufactured by G.Q. Parachute Co. Ltd.  Woking, Great Britain.  Size small. Dated 25th May 1940. The Observer pattern harnessuit had provision for a clip-on chest type parachute pack only. Manufactured from heavy olive drab cotton with twin front zip opening and zipped pockets. The suit is in very good + used condition. The only thing to note is relatively light soiling and a few very small fray holes.  All zips are original and complete with leather puller tags. Complete with the detachable fabric stole that would contain the inflatable bladder.  Both the actual bladder and actual harness  are not present (the latter of which never ever turn up). Excellent large Air Ministry and A.I.D marked label. Cloth hanger. A superb piece of kit and useful for filling a mannequinn as it negates the need for a separate parachute harness and mae-west.  Far far rarer than the standard 'combined' pattern suit this is one of a handful known to exist.  Stock code S22061.