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Luftwaffe Splitterschutzbrille - 1st patt.


Code: G22117

By Nitsche & Gunther.   These exceptionally rare first pattern 'anti-splinter' goggles have rigid moulded black plastic frames and normal side-arms rather than the simple elastic straps used on later variants.  They are fitted with small amber coloured convex glass lenses designed to provide some protection from flying shrapnel debris.  These are held in place with small white metal joint sections rivetted to the base of each eyepiece.

The frame is in excellent condition and the side-arms are marked "NiGuRa" (Nitsche and Gunther, Rathenow) and '3', the latter a size marking. The lenses are equally good and the hinges and joints are sound.   A very good '+' / excellent used pair of what are probably one of the rarest WW2 flying goggles to find.   This is only the second pair we have ever had.  More photos available on request. Stock code G22117.