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RCAF seat type parachute assembly, complete


Code: M16630

By Irving Air Chute Ltd. Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.  Lovely rare early Royal Canadian Air Force issue seat type parachute assembly.  'Irvin Standard Air Chute Parachute, Single point, quick release with seat pack.'   The assembly is complete bar the seat cushion.  Classic Canadian type white webbing without a central fleck.  It is unsusual in having heavily chromium plated fittings on the front straps for attaching a reserve chest/lap pack (see photos).  It has the correct RCAF quick release (QR) box with 'sliced off' front plate, waistbelt, ripcord housing, ripcord/handle and backpad.  The parachute pack itself is manufactured in olive drab coloured canvas and has information printed directly onto it including the date,  May 1938. 

Condition of the harness is in excellent. It is printed with Irvin manufacture details between the cross straps and has April 1937 date marks. The harness is still attached to the original  24' diameter Irvin seat canopy which is also April 1937 dated.  This appears to be in very good condition and complete with full rigging lines. The original spring loaded drogue 'chute is also present (but not attached). The pack is in excellent condition and will be supplied with a set of orignal bungee cords (not shown).   The backpad is equally good and stamped with Irvin Air Chute details.  Also comes with a matching Irvin marked parachute bag in super condition.  A fabulous early example of a rarely found seat harness. This makes an impressive display piece and will look even better once the canopy is repacked.  More photos available on request. Stock code M16630.