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USN Goggles, M-1944, Type B-8, boxed


Code: G21048

Goggles, M-1944, Type B-8.  By Polariod.  The rubber frame is marked 'Goggle M-1944', 'USN', '9,45' and is in excellent condition as is the strap.  This pair never had a chamois backing.   Fitted with an amber tinted 'anti-glare' lens in good order.  Comes with the correct B-8 cotton pouch containing 4 spare lenses  - greens, amber and clear tints.  These appear to be in reasonably good condition bar the usual  warping issues.   All contained in the card carton of issue.  An interesting USN variant of the goggle and interesting in that the box is marked with both 'M-1944' and 'B-8' designation.  Very good used.  Stock code G21048.