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RAF 1941 pattern Mae West survival pack


Code: M8748

Stores reference 22P/26.  Arctic version.  Light tan gabardine 'pack' in the form of a double sided container that mirrors the shape of the back of a 1941 pattern Mae West.  Essentially rectangular, 22" long x 12" wide at the base, the top tapering to a width of 6".   It is fitted with webbing grab handles on 3 sides and a larger strap to allow it to be carried over the shoulder as a bag.  A single zip fastener runs up the length of the pack and gives access to numerous inner pockets, each numbered and deslgned to contain specific survival aids/rations. Tropical and Arctic variants were produced and this example would have contained items including razor blades, MI9 pattern compass, fishing tackle, snow goggles, sun hat, heliograph, kife, matches, Aircrew first aid kit, emergency flying ration MK.III & type P, snares, Halazone tablets etc.  The pack could be tacked to the back of the 1941 pattern Mae West or, when that wasn't being worn, a parachute harness backpad, using scarlet locking thread.  The pack is in very good condition.  There are a couple of small nicks and  some soiling/marks.  The back has been stencilled 'S.M. 46'.  The zip works well and still retains a war department marked lead seal.  The inside of the pack is in excellent condition.  Empty but the components required to fill our the pockets are not all unobtainable.  Stock code M8748.