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USAAF / Airborne parachute first aid pack


Code: S22329

Packet, First Aid, Parachute.  These were originally introduced for the exclusive use of the USAAF to be issued for all aircrew to treat wounds incurred during a parachute descent or landing following an emergency bail-out.  From 1942 the kit was also issued to American airborne troops.  This ultra rare first pattern kit is made in a waterproofed green canvas with single zip closure and webbing straps to attach it to the right riser strap of the parachute harness opposite the rip cord handle.  The pack measures just 10 x 6 x 5cm and contained a first aid dressing, tourniquet and single morphine syrette.  This kit is complete with contents.   The pack itself is in excellent condition, marked each side 'FIRST AID' in bold black text.  The Talon zip is in good working order and the straps are in excellent undamaged condition.  The January 1942 dated small US Army Carlisle dressing is still boxed and sealed in cellophane and the tourniquet by Burroughs Wellcome & Co (USA) Inc. is in excellent unused condition.  Also comes with the syrette which has been squeezed/emptied.  An incredibly rare find.  Stock code S22329.