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RAF type G electrically heated flying suit


Code: NIV-G

Lining, Electrically Heated Type G.  Size small, stores reference 22c/904.  One-piece button fronted collarless full length suit in brown Union twill.  To enable the wearer to don the garment more easily both legs have a single split from ankle to groin fastened with snap connectors.  The suit's electrical supply was taken through the attached flexible cable (umbilical) with a 3-pin connector/plug (5c/527).  Snap connectors at the wrists and ankles accomodate the higher wattage 24 volt power supply and allowed the use of heated glove liners and booties to help provide the wearer with warmth at high altitudes.  The overall appearance is reasonably good although a bit grubby and very crumpled as heated clothing tends to be.  There is some damage and material loss under the right armpit and a split adjacent to the opening of the right leg.  The former isn't that obvious because ot the location and the latter could easily be sewn up.  Complete with umbilical and plug.  Labelled.   This is a reasonably good used example of what is now a very difficult suit to find.  Stock code NIV-G.