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RAF 1932 pattern Mae West stole (bladder)


Code: MW22688

Temperate pattern.  This is the correct stole for the green 1932 pattern 'life-saving waistcoat' used throughout the Battle of Britain.  Constructed from high quality 0.03" thick brick red sheet rubber made from first grade plantation quality rubber.  The joints are seamed with sealing strips.  The inflation tube is constructed of thick solid rubber reinforced with 2 cotton fabric so as to be non-kinkable.  It has an external diameter of 5/8" and is fitted with a nickel plated brass mouthpiece with screw valve.  The overall appearance is very good.  It is somewhat soiled but the rubber is very flexible and in excellent condition with no cracking, crazing or areas of hardening or perishing.  The oral inflation tube is good and flexible but does have a natural 'curve' from being inside a Mae West.  The valve is complete but very stiff.  Clearly marked with Air Ministry, crown, contract details, serial number and September 1940 date.  An extremely rare and desirable item in very good condition.  Stock code MW22688.