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RAF 1941 pattern Mae West


Code: MW16399

'Life-saving Waistcoat, Stole Inflated, Type Flap'.  Stores reference 22c/447.  Size medium.  The cloth is in excellent overall condition with strong colour.  It is generally very clean but does have some marks and stains.  The Mae West has all leg straps, both grab handles, tying tapes and original buttons, inflation lever pocket, skull cap/heliograph pocket, flotation lamp pocket and the fluorescene flap/strap - all in very good to excellent condition.  This example was never fitted with a lifeline/toggle.   Very good original brass zip and lovely Air Ministry King's crown label, marked up as a 'Flap' type.  This example would have been produced when the flap type had been discontinued and old labels were still being used.  This isn't a converted 'flap' type.  An excellent lightly used example.  Stock code MW16399.