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USAAF A-14 oxygen mask c/w T-44, boxed


Code: O21232

By The Ohio Chemical Manufacturing. Co. Dated 7-44.  Size medium.  The mask looks excellent and is lovely and flexible retaining good shape.  The harness, both webbing and rubber parts, oxygen hose and end connector are also excellent.  This mask is fitted with a rare T-44 microphone assembly.  It comprises a deep chocolate coloured loom (CO-287) with an American version of the standard RAF bell jackplug (PL-179) to one end and a Type T-44-A magnetic microphone and AAF JK-26 socket at the other.  The T-44 fits inside the nose section of the mask alleviating the need for a throatmicrophone.  Used primarily in aircraft fitted with RAF radio equipment, this loom enabled AAF crews with the 8th and 9th AAF to plug their American made headgear into RAF aircraft.  The standard AAF helmet jackplug connecting to the JK-26 and the bellplug to the aircraft.  This mask has the inspiratory duct baffle fitted, designed to alleviate freezing at high altitude and introduced due to the experiences of 8th Air Force crews.  The mask comes in the original cardboard carton dated Aug. '?' containing a spares envelope with general instructions, a few spare press studs, webbing straps and a 'flat hook'.  A superb display piece that would be difficult to upgrade.  Stock code O21232.