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RAF K-type dinghy mast


Code: S22380

Stores reference 27C/2054.  The mast consists of seven light alloy metal tubes which telescope to a minimum length of 38cm.  When extended, the overall length is approximately 1.69m.  Once erected, the sections remain in their extended positions by the provision of internal spring plungers and the mast cannot be collapsed unless these plungers are depressed.  The upper end of the mast is fitted with a flange to which three stabilizing guy lines can be fitted.  The lower end is plugged and fits into the recess provided for it on the thwart used with the k-type dinghy.  This example shows use and wear with surface marks.  Each tubular sections moves quite freely but would probably benefit from light cleaning and lubrication.  The spring plungers of the 2nd and 3rd sections from the top do not currently  locate correctly but this doesn't prevent erection of the mast.  All three guy lines are in place complete with the metal end clip fittings.  Stock code S22380.