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RAF 1940 pattern flying gloves


Code: GA17352

Stores reference 22c/425-430.  Size unknown.  Rare and sought after 'chemically heated' gauntlets.  Manufactured in untreated suede/sheepskin with a shearling fleece lining.  Chromed leather on the thumbs and gussets between the fingers.  An adjustable press-studded strap was fitted adjacent to the cuffs and a proofed cotton pocket sewn inside each glove and used to hold a chemical 'Everhot' bag which when dampened would provide heat for upto six hours.  In practice these gloves proved to be rather bulky and chemical burns were not uncommon.  This pair is in rather worn condition.  The left glove is actually quite good bar soiling and a loose/unattached strap retainer.  It also has the inner pocket.   The right glove has faired less well with a split near the base of the forefinger, shortened strap absent inner pocket.   There is certainly scope to improve them.  Priced accordingly.  Stock code GA17352.