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Imperial Japanese Naval internally wired flying helmet, type 3


Code: H24164

Extremely rare internally wired flying helmet manufactured by the Toyo Telecommunications Equipment Company Ltd. (TTK) and loosely based on the German Luftwaffe LKp100 series helmets (but is even rarer than those).  Introduced in 1943 it featured a brown cowhide exterior fitted with leather covered metal domed earpieces.  It also has two rear goggle straps, a crown strap and metal hooks either side for use with an oxygen mask that was never developed.  A laced gusset at the back of the helmet ensured a good fit could be achieved.  It had a full rabbit skin lining and leather or rubber 'donut' ear cushions.  A 30cm/12" wiring loom was rubber covered and fitted with a metal 3-pin socket.  
The leather is generally in very good clean supple condition bar some scuffing and minor surface lifting on the earpieces, one of which is clearly marked with Kanji in white paint.  A couple of the lacing eyelets have pulled through the leather at the rear of the helmet.  The lining has a couple of small areas of wear but is generally very good and complete with original woven label.  The inner ear 'donut' cushions are rather squashed and somewhat tatty where they attach to the helmet.  Fully wired with receivers but much of the rubber loom sheathing has fallen away and that which remains is fragile/loose.  All three internal wires are in very good flexible condition.  The helmet was worn with a matching throatmicrophone which we are offering separately.   A lovely looking helmet that displays very well.  The first one we have had in 27 years.  Stock code H24164.