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RAF type 27 microphone

£120.00 Approx $148.7, €134.98

Code: O19641

Stores reference 10A/12572.  Distinctive black painted 'ball-shaped' microphone casing with angular metal on/off switch mounted on the top.  Complete with remnants of the original wiring loom and rubber grommet at the point where the loom enters the casing.  It retains approximately 40% of the original paint although this is rather dulled.  The switch is currently siezed but may free up with lubrication/care.  The loom securing tab is still in place -  see photographs.  The type 27 (more commonly known as the Type 28 when 'mounted' on a wiring loom) was sometimes used with the E-series, type G oxygen masks and the second pattern microphone carrier masks.  A reasonable used example.  Stock code O19641.