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USAAF / USAF Anti-Exposure flying suit, type R-1


Code: S20310

Suit, Flying, Anti Exposure, Quick Donning, Type R-1. Manufactured by B.F. Goodrich Co.   A one-piece suit manufactured in two-ply ripstop nylon with a neoprene coating that provided both wind and water proofing qualities.  It had integral bootees and hood and was supplied with matching gloves (stowed in the pockets) and drawstrings at the wrists and neck to effect a good seal.  This one size fits all suit was large enough to be worn over any flying clothing and designed with a large opening at the neck enabling the airman to put the suit on in 30 to 40 seconds.  It provided  protection for up to one hour in seas as low as 28'F and considerably longer if worn in a dinghy.  With some air trapped inside the suit it would also provide some level of bouyancy.  After testing during 1944, the R-1 was adopted for use by the AAF in January 1945.  This example appears to be in excellent unissued condition. It is tightly rolled and copiously dusted with chalk.  It comes in the original fabric storage bag with full length Talon zip closure. The bag is marked with manufacturer's details, user instructions and various date stamps, the earliest of which is 1954.  We have not unrolled the suit for fear of never being able to return it the container but cursory inspection would suggest it to be in very good/excellent unused condition.  We assume the suit will also be 1950s dated but it will be the same as the 1945 issue suit.  Stock code S20310.