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RAF instrument flying goggles, Mk.2


Code: G23489

Goggles, instruments, flying practice, Mk.2.  Stores reference 22C/1136.  By Polaroid.  Single piece moulded black rubber frame with chamois backing that is essentially the same as that used in the USAAF B-8.  Fitted with a yellow tinted plastic/celluloid filter (lens) and a standard MK.VIII flying goggle strap.  The frame, which has both manufacturer and reference details moulded into it, is in excellent condition but would probably benefit from a quick clean.  The lens is lightly scuffing but the strap looks good.  There is some corrosion on metal parts of the strap but it retains good colour and a little elasticity remains.  Very early post WW2 goggles.  Unusual and now rarely seen.  Stock code G23489.