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RAF 1941 pattern Mae West stole CO2 cylinder


Code: MW22653

CO2 cylinder, Type C, 8 gramme.  Stores reference 22c/94.  Early pattern straight sided CO2 gas inflation bottle for the stole used within the 1941 pattern life-saving waistcoat (Mae West).  The cylinder has been deployed  but has a very small section of the bored copper stem in place which allows the cylinder to be positioned against an inflation lever.  We also have the rest of the copper plug so in theory this could be glued or soldered back in place to give the appearance of a 'live' undeployed cylinder. The bottle is in very good condition marked with Tare weight.  Now extremely difficult to find.  Available to UK customers only due to postal restrictions.  Ideally this should be collected in person.  Stock code MW22653.