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RAF Mk.4A flying helmet


Code: H24373

By Helmets Ltd.  Stores reference 22c/1303990.  Size medium/long.  The MK.4A flying helmet provided a high level of protection against impact shock, blast and noise, compatability with a wide range of oxygen masks and ancillary equipment within a wide variety of aircraft whilst providing maximum comfort to the wearer.  The shell is of single piece rigid construction moulded from hand laminated satin weave glass fibre impregnated with polyester resin.  On the inside of the shell a shock absorbing, closed cell, expanded polystyrene moulding is fitted.  The lining incorporates an adjustable webbing suspension harness, communications headset and soft foam backed leather padding.  The helmet is fitted with a two-part nylon webbing chintrap and two injection moulded polycarbonate visors, the outer tinted for protection against glare.  The 'inner' clear blast visor is iftted with an adjustable lock.  The shell has the original drab green paint finish and is in very good '+'  condition.   Internally the helmet is also good but the foam rubber backing on the neck and the brow padding is shedding as usual which does leave a residue that needs cleaning up a bit.   It retains excellent gel filled ear capusles and avionics.   Fitted with a short pigtail loom, NATO plug and oxygen mask hooknuts.  Both visors are excellent and are protected with an attached velveteen cover (stores reference 22c/7636746). The avionics have been tested and work but this does not indicate suitability for flight.  Whilst the helmet would benefit from light cleaning it is a good complete example and makes a great display piece. Stock code H24373.