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Luftwaffe Fiesler Storch Repair Handbook


Code: P23496

D.(Luft) T.2601/2.  Fi156 Reparaturanleitung.  April 1941, P/b,  21 x 30cm. 139p plus many blank pages for notes.  Rare repair instruction book for the famed Luftwaffe Fiesler Storch (Stork), one of the best observation/reconnaissance aircraft of WW2.  Introduced in 1935 almost 2,900 aircraft were built and served in all theatres.  Apparantly Rommel used it extensively, Winston Churchill flew in one; the Nazi rescue of Benito Mussolini culminated in a dramatic Storch take-off; and Hanna Reitsch, a famous German test pilot, flew Göering’s replacement into Berlin in April 1945 hoping to take Hitler out of the city (source Flying Heritage & Combat Armour Museum).  This is an official manual providing information on the repair of the Storch from it's airframe to the wing and fuselage coverings etc.  It is illustrated throughout and obviously, all text is in German.  The condition is rather tatty.  The cover is loose and spine absent.  Some of the front and rear pages are dog-eared with edge damage and missing pieces.  It does however appear to be complete and would be a superb resource for anyone who owns a Storch or simply has an interest in the aircraft.  Stock code P23496.