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Japanese flying goggles, cased


Code: G24477-1

Imperial Japanese flying goggles.  Dark brown lacquered aluminium frames stitched to chocolate coloured brown padded velvet cushions.  Fitted with curved elliptical clear glass lenses and wide adjustable elasticated strap.  This is a relatively early pair with quality leather fittings, glass lenses and brass frame fittings.  Later goggles used cheaper metals and plastics. The frames are in excellent condition and have an unknown manufacturer's logo on one side.  The velvet padding is equally good and has a silk nosepiece sewn in place.  Excellent lenses and the strap is clean, retains good colour but is a bit with stretched little elasticity remaining.  The goggles come in their original oval card box of issue and velvet lens cloth, both with manufacturer's marks.   A very good pair of these high quality goggles.  Stock code G24477.