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RAF type G oxygen mask


Code: O24575

Stores reference 6D/646.  Size large.  The rubber is a little soiled but remains supple and the overall shape is good.  The lower edge is curling inwards as is often the case and there is some associated crazing.  There is also a small 'hole' at the left edge but this does not really detract. Unusally there is little cracking and even the wire retaining lugs and areas around the inspiratory valve and microphone are good.  The left side of the harness (as worn) is stretched and faded but the right retains more colour, elasticity, one original elastic band and has the early figure of eight type mask clip.  Lined in very clean pearl grey suede.  The mask is fitted with a type 48 microphone assembly (type 25 microphone, loom and socket).  It also has the screw fitting for attaching an oxygen tube which although screw threaded, is jammed in place.  Not perfect but a decent mask that displays very well.  Stock code O24575.