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RAF first aid outfit, aircraft


Code: CW-AID

First Aid Outfit - Aircraft. Approximately 20 x 10 x 18cm.  These were carried in larger aircraft,  the number of kits supplied depending on the number of aircrew aboard.  The kit was contained in this olive drab canvas bag with a friction buckle fastening.  It was manufactured by the W.E. & S. Ltd. and is clearly dated 1943.  It is also marked 'O.S' denoting Overseas Service use.  The contents of the kits varied depending on the the location it would be used in but most had a selection of bandages, dressings and so on.  This example is incomplete and comes with  a tourniquet and 4 x large  and 2 x medium H.M. Government Mine Dressings.  The bag is in very good used condition, the contents shows use and wear.  Stock code CW-AID.