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RAF type M oxygen mask / tubes


Code: CW-MO2

Stores Reference 6D/1837. Mask, Oxygen, Type M, Mk.2 complete with microphone assembly, type 71, and mask tube assembly, MK.8, incorporating Mod. M326. Black rubber mask with fabric harness. Also fitted with the pipe/connectors to attach to a pressure waistcoat. These were used in early Hunters, Javelins, the Canberra PR9, V-bombers and the Lightning. The Type M, MK.2 mask was intended to be used in place of the Type M and J masks. It was part of the pressure breathing equipment issued and was only to be worn in conjunction with a pressure breathing waistcoat, Mk.1 or Mk.1A.  The facepiece is in very good overall condition, supple and free of cracking. The harness, loom and tubes are all in very good used condition. 1/57 dated.  Stock code CW-MO2.