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RAF type 19 microphone assembly


Code: O24291

Microphone, electro-magnetic, type 19.  An extremely rare original type 18 microphone with a type Q instrument cord (wiring loom) and early brown cased type 119 jackplug, stores reference 10A/10991.  The type 18 microphone is of course the 'flat-fronted' chamois covered pattern introduced in January 1939 and used in conjunction with the type D oxygen mask throughout the Battle of Britain.  By October 1940 the type 20 microphone / type 21 'assembly' had been introduced so the type 18 had a short production run. The microphone casing retains excellent shape, is undamaged and retains the often missing small serrated 'on-off' switch.  An Air Ministry Order actually called for the removal of the switch knob to prevent accidental turning off of the microphone thus converting it to an unswitched instrument.  The microphone also has the original paxolin 'arc' that spans the terminal blocks but the chamois covering is believed to have been replaced.  The dark chocolate/purple coloured loom has fully rounded 'chunky' cords synonymous with early examples and is complemented with a pair of very nice type C receivers (10A/7063). All in excellent condition an ready to mount to a type D oxygen mask and complete a Battle of Britain display.  I cannot stress quite how rare these microphones are. Very highly sought after.  Stock code O24291.