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RAF flight reference cards - Hunter F.6

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Code: P23173

Flight Reference Cards, Hunter F.6.  Issue 4, December 1965.  Issued with AL3 to AP.4347F-PN.   Approximately 10 x 20cm, 19 double sided cards with vital information for the normal operating drills required from pre-flight through cockpit checks, starting, take-off,  landing etc. It also covers emergency drills including engine fire, hood & drop tank jettison, elecrical, hydraulic & fuel system failures, flap & brake emergencies, cockpit pressure & oxygen failures, forced landing, ditching etc.  A little dog-eared/worn through use but perfectly legible.  These belonged to a pilot who joined the RAF in 1963 and flew with 111, 11 and 92 squadrons on Lightnings, Phantoms, Tornadoes, Devons and Chipmunks.  He also flew with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, piloting both the Spitfire and Hurricane.  Purchased directly from the pilot. His name will be supplied to the buyer.  Stock code P23173.