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RAF Pilot's Notes, Canberra B.2

£45.00 Approx $55.15, €52.39

Code: P23237

A.P. 4326B.  Original 4th edition copy dated 12/57.  98 pages with pullout diagrams/photos.  Covers a general description of the aircraft including fuel and oil systems; aircraft controls; engine controls; other controls including hood operation, cockpit heating and radio equipment etc; Part II deals with limitations, part III - Handling, Part IV Emergency Handling - action in the event of fire,  engine failure, bomb jettisoning, abandoning the aircraft, force landing, ditching etc.  Part V gives Operating Data and Part VI has illustrations of the cockpit.  The cover is a little dog-eared/creased.  Internal pages are generally good with quite a few amendment sheets glued in place and extensive loose amendments (October 1959 & January 1960).    These belonged to a pilot who joined the RAF in 1963 and flew with 111, 11 and 92 squadrons on Lightnings, Phantoms, Tornadoes, Devons and Chipmunks.  He also flew with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, piloting both the Spitfire and Hurricane.  Purchased directly from the pilot. His name will be supplied to the buyer.  Stock code P23237.