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Air Publication - Pilot's Notes General, 1942


Code: P22793

Air Publication 2095, Pilot's Notes General, 15 x 20cm, 1941 with amendment sheets c. 7/42 and 12/42.  Contains information on handling a typical power unit (engine); special features of some British and American power units; oil dilution for cold weather starting; checking Gyro Instruments; American 'Eclipse' engine starters; protection against ice in induction systems; notes on stability and trim; abandoning aircraft by parachute; forced descent of landplanes at sea; notes on electrical services on aircraft; single engine failure of twin engine aircraft; fuel economy, range and endurance; the Sperry Gyropilot; engine starting in cold weather; the automatic pilot Mk.IV and handling of aircraft with tricycle undercarriage.  Rusted bindings but in good overall condition.  Stock code P22793.