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RAF Pressure Jerkin, Mk.4


Code: S24593

Stores reference 22c/2247. Size 3 (Ht. 66 - 71").  Manufactured by  Beaufort / P. Frankenstein  & Sons (Manchester) Ltd. and dated April 1966. The Pressure Jerkin MK.4 is a sleeveless garment which covered the trunk and thighs.  It is open from throat to the centre of the left thigh and fitted with a zip fastener.  A second zip provides access to the inflatable bladder.  A transverse opening across the back gives access to lace adjustments provided at each side and the back to enable the jerkin to be adjusted to the wearer.  The jerkin consists of an inflatable bladder which provides counter-pressure over the body and upper thighs when the wearer is breathing oxygen at a pressure above that of the surrounding atmosphere, contained between an outer garment made from terylene and a nylon lining.  The outer garment is fitted with pockets for search and rescue apparatus (S.A.R.A.H.) and other survival aids.  It also has an integral lifejacket.  The Mk.4 was provided for the use of aircrew normally accomodated in static ejection seats such as the type 4 BSB Mk.2 fitted in the English Electric Lightning T Mk.5.  It would have been worn with a Partial Pressure helmet, Type E, Anti-G suit, MK5A, Air ventilated suit Mk.2A & if required, the Mk.7 immersion suit.  The jerkin is generally in very good used condition, remains quite clean and has no obvious defects.  The lifejacket retains the Co2 bottle (empty/inert) and operating head.  Unfortunately the stole has perished but these are easily obtained.  The jerkin's main bladder appears to be quite sound/flexible and all zips operate well. With issue labels. A super item.  Stock code S24593.