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RAF C-type flying helmet, 1st pattern internally wired


Code: H24350

Stores reference 22c/879, size 3 (71/8 - 73/8).  The leather is in reasonably good condition, very supple but a little dry with some scuffing and abrasion.  There are also a couple of small seam splits as photographed.  The goggle straps are quite good and the press studs retain most of their original coatings.  Note that most of the studs are brass indicating early manufacture. The lining has less than average soiling but one 'donut' is partially unstitched.  Both rubber receiver carriers are a little misshaped with some cracking, they have hardened somewhat but remain flexible enough to fit/remove receivers.  The chinstrap is stretched and rather ragged.  A little 'tired'  looking but would no doubt improve with the careful application of some leather dressing.  A reasonable example of the rarer first pattern early internally wired C-type of definite wartime manufacture.  Sold unwired.  Stock code H24350.