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RAF type H oxygen mask, WW2 dated


Code: O18711

Size medium.  Dated 3-45.  Extremely rare wartime dated example of this otherwise relatively common mask.  The rubber facepiece retains reasonably good overall shape although the lower edge is curling inwards.  The rubber is grubby but remains very pliable, there is no obvious cracking and only minor crazing when flexed.  The pearl grey suede lining is complete but dirty.  Fitted with a type 57 microphone assembly and a pink flecked mid tan coloured loom with the correct large 2-pin socket, type 614, 10H/18196.  Note that part of the edge of the microphone is missing and the loom braiding is fraying at the upper end.  The webbing harness is a bit dirty and lacks elasticity but is complete.  These late war H-masks are very difficult to obtain in any condition and are considerably rarer than the G-type mask.   A reasonably good used example that could be improved significantly with some careful cleaning.  Stock code O18711.