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USAAF 359th Fighter Group unit History


Code: P24215A-144

'USAAF 359th Fighter Group (Hq. Sq. 368th, 369th, 370th Fighter Squadrons), 448th Air Service Group (Headquarters and Base Service Squadron), 824th Air Engineering Squadron, 648th Air Materiel Squadron, 3rd Gunnery Tow-Target Flt.'   P/b, 22.5 x 28cm, 68p.  Edited by Captain Thomas H. Raines, PRO-Intell., 359th.  Photography directed by 1st Lt. Norman J. Johnson, Photo Officer, 359th.  Printed and published by The Soman-Wherry Press Limited, Norwich, England.  Approved by the VIIIth Air Force.  A very rare original copy of this unit history for the 359th FG which was based at East Wretham in Norfolk.  It describes the role of the group in providing fighter support to US bombers, destroying German air forces in aerial engagements and low-level attacks on enemy aerodromes, and giving close support to advancing allied troops. The group operated P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustangs on no less than 346 operational over mainland Europe.  The book includes details on the commanding officers, the base, the different fighter squadrons and the men within them.  It has numerous identified photos of the pilots and others of life on the base, the locals and the areas around the base.  A form at the rear provides the opportunity to fill out service details, awards and decorations but this one remains blank.  The cover has light soiling and some wear, the inner pages are generally good.  Original copies produced in England are now extremely rare and most found today are modern reprints.  Stock code P24215A-144.