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USAAF 9th AAF 366th fighter Group nose art photo - 'Fickle Flossy'


Code: P24215A-153

Approximately 11.5 x 9cm.  Good image of a USAAF Thunderbolt with cowling nose art showing a woman with her skirt blown up in the wind revealing her underwear and stockings, alongside the name 'Fickle Flossy'.  The pilot, crouched on the wing, is wearing his A-2 jacket, B-4 lifevest, A-11 flying helmet, AN6530 goggles and A-14 mask.  The 366th Fighter Group of the 9th AAF, known as the 'Gunfighters' was comprised of the 389th, 390th and 391st fighter squadrons.  Initially based at Membury in Dorset, they later moved to Thruxton in Hampshire and were heavily involved in the build-up to D-Day, moving to France on 17th June 1944 as ground support in the Battle of the Bulge.  Scarce original 'nose art photographs. Stock code P24215A-153.