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Luftwaffe photograph album


Code: P24215A-169

Board covers, approximately 25 x18cm.  Embossed with the design of a peaked cap cockade and wording in German that translates to 'Memories of my service'.  The original owner, Kurt Lichtenfeld, has written his name/address at the front and service dates 15.11.39 to 8.1.40.  The photographs appear to relate to his Luftwaffe training at Heilingenhafen on the Baltic coast and show the barracks and life in and around them including personnel, the shooting range (Schiesstand); air raid ditch (Luftschutzgraben); parts of an airframe being loaded for removal; parades; lessons; aircraft and paratroops.  There are about 145 images in total varying in size but many measure about 9 x 6cm.  Virtually all have been captioned beneath in white ink.  Some of the images of aircraft and paratroops are 'official/commercial' images rather than his own (approximately 26 fall into this category).  There are a few loose photos and a couple of loose pages at the back.  Stock code P24215A-169.