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RFC Fug boots


Code: B24676

'Boots, Flying, Thigh'.  Stores reference 22c/4. Size unknown.  Thigh-length, suede, sheepskin lined boots widely used by British Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service aircrew in WW1.  Often seen in period photographs with the trademark long leather flying coat.  Various different styles/patterns were made but most had a two-tone appearance with a different type of leather/suede used for the shoe section to that of the main body of the boot. In addition most have stitched leather or thick red rubber soles, a buckled strap over the top of the shoe section and a similar strap just below the knee.  A small inverted 'V' shaped strap/buckle was stitched to the top outer edge of the boot - this could be connected to the wearer's other clothing using a separate strap.  This pair has a brown leather shoe section with full-length pale raw suede uppers.  They are fitted with the buckled show straps but these were issued without those at knee.   The brown leather shoe sections are in very good condition, there is variation in the colour and some marking and wear but no damage.  Both shoe straps are a little dry but complete.  The buckles have surface corrosion.  The original rubber soles and heels look appear to be made of crepe rubber and although their appearance is unusual they are in fairly good order.  The suede uppers are quite clean and other than a small patch on the left knee, are iin very good to excellent condition.  Note that the knee-level straps were never fitted to this pair.    The fleece linings are very good and reasonably clean without signs of any notable moulting.  Unusually this pair have strong webbing straps stitched into the boots, presumably to help the wearer to pull them on.  The 'top' leather straps are a bit dry/worn/cracked on the left boot but very good on the right. No visible markings.  Considering these are 100 years old their condition is quite remarkable.  Extremely rare to find.  The first pair we've had for 5 years.  Stock code B24676.