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USAAF A-2 flying jacket - Buzz Rickson reproduction


Code: J25035

Reproduction A-2 by the Buzz Rickson Clothing Co.   Marked as a size 44 and has a physical pit to pit (x2) measurement of about 45".  This lovely jacket, dating from around 2008, is based on the Rough Wear Clothing Company's W535ac 18091 contract from March 1941. Produced in good detail it is manufactured in russet brown horsehide (imported from Italy) with matching cotton lining, correct pattern 100% worsted wool knitted waistband and cuffs, correct ball studs on the pockets and collar etc.  The leather is in excellent condition with only very minor marking.  Slight soiling inside at the neck but no damage or issues at the waist or cuffs.  Fitted with a 'Talon' branded zip in excellent condition. It also has an authentic-looking taffeta weave label and AAF stamps on the lining.  This jacket has clearly seen very little wear and is pretty much as good as new.  A bargain compared with the 'new' price.  Stock code J25035.

Buzz Rickson is a brand owned by the Japanese manufacturing company Toyo Enterprises, Ltd. (established in Tokyo c.1965 by Susumu Kobayashi. The company was created with the intention of manufacturing clothing for US military bases in Japan after the US invaded Vietnam). The Rickson brand was established in 1993 with a focus on stitch-for-stitch reproductions of iconic vintage military clothing and accessories made to the highest degrees of quality, authenticity and precision, including the use of custom-made fabrics produced on costly, slow-moving vintage looms, with the finished goods assembled using vintage sewing machines for ultimate authenticity.  It is part of the brand philosophy that ultimate authenticity is only achieved when goods are recreated not just to look the part of the vintage item being copied, but to also function as dependably as the vintage item was intended to function.