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USAAF type A-3 flying trousers


Code: S25075

'Trousers, Flying, Winter, Type A-3'.  By Werber Sportswear Co., size 42 Regular.  The A-3 trousers along with the B-3 jacket formed the first shearling flying outfit used by the Army Air Corps in 1934 and were issued until March 1944.  The shearling trousers were finished with a polyacrylate dye and lacquer and featured full-length zips, a fly zip, and open patch pockets below the knee.  In addition, there were zipped side seam pockets at the waist and adjustable braces to help alleviate the weight.  The leather is in excellent overall condition, there are a few small imperfections/holes (see photographs), but it remains clean and supple and the fleece is also very good.  Complete with original leather hanger, label and braces.  All zips are good, the main ones appear to be very carefully inserted period replacements,  both having Air Ministry marked brass pullers.  The other zips also replacements, very well executed but more recently.  Most USAAF shearling has aged badly and displays cracking, rotting, tearing, crazing and peeling.  These are nothing like that and whilst we don't recommend you wear them, they would make a superb mannequin display.  One of the better pairs we have had.  Stock code S25075.