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Swiss PA-481 flying helmet


Code: H24013

Swiss Stoffhaube, type PA-481.  Size 59 (73/8).  This Swiss designed helmet bears strong similiarites to the RAF D-type and is manufactured in thin unlined white/cream coloured cotton with an elongated neck flap.  Rubber receiver carriers with suede 'donuts'  are attached from the inside and fitted with British RAF type 32 receivers, stores reference 10A/13466.  These are wired to a short pink flecked loom, single pin jackplug and JJ-048 2-pin socket for a microphone.  An oxygen mask can be attached via ring press studs.  A soft chamois chin strap fastens with a single pronged buckle on one side and single ring press stud at the other.  Two single pronged buckled straps at the rear could be used to secure a pair of goggles.  Very good condiiton throughout.  These unusual and rare helmets were used in early post WW2 aircraft fitted with standard (non ejection) seats.  Stock code H24013.