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USAAF type sunglasses, cased


Code: G25014

'Naviex' Army Air Force type sunglasses  by the New York Eye Protection Co. Inc., Brooklyn, New York.   Classic AAF sunglasses, 'face-form', metal frame, cushionless aviators' sun glasses.  Nickel silver wire frames, wraparound 'comfort-cable' side-arms, and green/grey tinted glass lenses.  Mother of Pearl type brow pad and  buff coloured nose-rests.  No markings on the frame but maker's marks on the original faux leather fibre case.  The glasses are in good condition but the frames are tarnished with some pitting and verdigris.  Remember this looks much worse in high resolution ultra close-up photographs and should be easy to improve with careful cleaning. Very light marking/scratches on the lenses but nothing serious.  Overall, a good used pair of glasses.  Stock code G25014.